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Tools that are robust, combinable, and able to run in both real time and memory situations are what we provide. We design our tools to work within the proprietary GDTbus protocol so that everything is modular in nature. By doing so it allows our customers to pick and choose what sensors they want to provide for their services. It all works together and simultaneously. There are no “project” tools in our product line, we make sure that our customers maintain the flexibility to add to what they currently own.

Our telemetry is designed to be simple to use and implement in older units in the field as well as new ones. The telemetry is fully compatible with the Warrior Well Logging System and does not require any additional cards or panels to get 50Kpbs transmission rate. If our customers need more Speed, we can obtain 200Kbps with additional hardware on surface.

When switching from running in real time to memory, you use the same sondes. Easy configuration for individual sonde sample rate(s), tool hibernation timing(s), and merging surface depth data to downhole tool data gives our customers the ability to quickly swap to alternative conveyance methods. Our software has easy export ability to get the data into the hands of analysts quickly.

All connectors are standard “GO” pin, so our customers can use the auxiliary equipment they already own and maintain. We also carry a wide assortment of running gear to fully prepare for difficult logging situations if a key part is missing from a customer’s inventory.

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